Investigating Students' Experiences with Sexual Victimization and Their Perceptions of the Overall Campus Climate at a Rural Institution

Jordana N Navarro, Shelly Clevenger


This study examined the prevalence of sexual assault at a mid-sized rural university. Although there has been much attention paid to sexual assault on college campuses in academic research generally, studies that specifically focus on this social problem within a rural institution remains lacking. Thus, this study addressed that gap by utilizing a survey tool created by Fisher, Cullen, and Turner (1999) that measured attempted and completed rape, sexual coercion, and sexual contact at a rural university. Additionally, we assessed the overall campus climate using questions created through a recent White House (2014) initiative. Ultimately, this study underscores the point that rape and sexual assault is not solely a “big city” problem, but is present at rural institutions as well. Moreover, survivors of sexual victimization differ in their overall perception of the campus climate from non-victimized students in several meaningful ways.


Rural Social Problems

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